Company Overview

Rely advances beyond the traditional responsibilities. It presents a range of services to drive the strategic development, growth and profitability of hotel assets. Delivering an unrivalled guest experience is essential to cultivating customer loyalty but Rely is positioned to provide more than just a raise in RevPAR. We embody a trifecta of disciplines - investment, development and management - and we are backed by a proven track record of success. Characterized by this continuum of services, we embrace an owner's mindset from project inception to completion to become more than just their advisors, but keen strategists maintaining the health and wealth of real estate assets. The experience of seeing the final product open its doors - after the owner and Rely have shared the experience from inception - is extremely gratifying.

When every stage of launching a hotel is handled by teams from the same company from the investment decision to acquire an existing asset or break ground, to the conceptualization and growth of the property, to handling all the important particulars and then managing it to the highest levels of customer satisfaction there is an undeniable seamlessness to the process. This is the role of the Rely management partner, where a single company crafts a customized program of investment, development and management strategies to create an operationally sound and fiscally strong property.

The Team

Founder - Christos Kyriakidis is a hospitality Executive on Corporate level of expertise. A natural leader, strategic thinker, trusted, ethical, and hardworking, with broad international experience in Hotel, Hospitality, Catering and Management. Known for "common sense in conjunction with numbers", combines intense intellectual curiosity and quantitative training with collegial people and relationship skills. Fluent in English and Greek lived and worked in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Repeatedly selected for high-profile projects of established hotel chains. In 2017 he has repatriated with the task of opening the first city business hotel in his hometown Larnaka, the Radisson Blu. After successfully operating it through the position of the General Manager, he has been promoted to the role of the Hotels Opening Manager of the same management company and took the lead with the franchising agreements of well-known International Hotel Groups.



Aim of the feasibility study is to obtain a neutral, professional and qualified opinion and a thorough analysis of the current project plans. The study examines site and market circumstances, market research, all relevant economic issues as well as financial estimations for the proposed hotel project. In completing such a study, we prepare an Operating Budget, a Marketing and Business plan, as well as the Action Plan of the Preopening period.


We act as the expert consultant in supporting all the professionals engaged to design a project, in order to obtain the maximum functionality in terms of operation of the final product. We will assist the preopening team to obtain full compliance of the project as to all relevant requirements by the national authorities, Health and Safety standards set by the Tour Operators and/or by the governing bodies.


Our extensive experience on all areas of Hotel development can provide tailor made services to projects, carefully designed to meet the owners' visions. The pre/re-opening phase of a hotel is both a big challenge and a great opportunity. We ensure that the promotion of the hotel begins as soon as construction/renovation has begun and that there is a constant flow of images and information through the various stages of construction to keep people updated and draw their attention on the progress using specific and appropriate media outlets.


Our management services ensure the most efficient operation of the Hotels under our management, reducing costs and maximizing income through a dynamic management strategy. Like any business, a hotel is a highly complex operation. It functions optimally when each of those operations runs in harmony with the others. This is best accomplished when the organization is maintained by those with experience as well as integrity. Rely manages the numerous parts of each property from finding the right team members to targeting the right guests. Our hands-on approach guarantees an open and accessible relationship with our clients. We are targeting in adding a variety of privately owned as well as Branded Hotels in Cyprus to our portfolio and look forward to broadening our spectrum and welcoming hotels to our group.


Our revenue management services drive profitability for our properties by supporting sales tactics, advising on pricing and inventory strategies and exploring new revenue opportunities. Today, revenue management is no longer just about data-analysis requires equal finesse in communicating with the entire Hotel team to ensure everyone is making informed decisions on ways to bring in the right mix of business. Integrating brand and market knowledge allows for flexible revenue management decisions that are very market specific. By continually monitoring the mix of sales for each project, we maximize revenues on a consistent basis working towards the goal of profitable returns. Our team's experience has proven to be a strong strategic and tactical tool that has enabled us to implement our strategies rapidly, thus giving the Hotels under our management a huge competitive advantage.


Our experience and expertise in the industry have granted us the rights through signed agreements, of negotiating on behalf of international hotel brands for franchising in Cyprus, Greece or elsewhere. Rely Management will be proposing several internationally established and recognised hotel Companies (Brands), for granting the franchise of its brand through an International License Agreement to the propose Hotel. All negotiations with the Brand will be contacted by Rely and will be presented to the owners for approval.


The brands represented by our company are open in discussing the direct management of properties in Cyprus and Greece through our representation and negotiation. Rely Management will be proposing several internationally established and recognised hotel Companies (Brands), for granting the management of its brand through a Management Agreement to the propose Hotel. All negotiations with the Brand will be contacted by Rely and will be presented to the owners for approval.


Given the volatility in the travel market many hotel owners would no longer take the risk of entering a relationship with a hotel operator without the ongoing support of a hotel asset manager or asset management company. Employed by the asset owner, the role is to ensure that the property reaches its full potential so that it can create increased returns in the long term or to be sold at the peak of its real estate value.


Mr. Eugenios Savva is our outsource consultant with multiple expertise, including Operations and Human Resources. He holds a Master's Degree with honors in Human Resources. He was actively employed in the Hospitality Industry in Switzerland and Cyprus for the last 28 years reaching the position of General Manager in Leading luxury hotels. Today he is running his own business representing the Hospitality and Culinary schools of the Swiss Education Group in Cyprus and Greece and acts also as a Consultant/Trainer at the Cyprus Hospitality Educational Institute.

HRD Polykarpou ( came into partnership with us so as to ensure the people's training and development. The company offers and it is not limited to:

  1. Vocational training with open seminars and specialized sessions which can take place either at the premises of the client or at the Cyprus Hospitality Educational Institute.
  2. Industrial relations with specialized consulting and support services for any issues relating to personnel management and the complex interrelations between employers and employees, including any legal issues that may arise during the time of employment.
  3. Human resources management, offering specialized consulting and support services relating to best employment practices, including recruitment, training and development.

3 Mavromihali street,
6047 Larnaka, Cyprus
+357 99 413766

We are looking for dynamic hospitality professionals to join our team and play an instrumental role in what is set to become one of the most prestigious firms in Hospitality. We recognize that our success depends largely on our people and believe that every associate plays a vital and important role in delivering an exceptional experience to our clients and guests, reflecting to perfection in the industry.

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